This is Adulthood

Sometimes my heart beats so vigorously I become fixated on the vibrations in my body. So much that it drains out the entire room to a point where someone will have to call my name four times to grasp my attention. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in conversation with the voice in my head, I seem to forget no one else can hear it. Sometimes my facial expressions forget they aren’t in my mind. When people ask me what my worst fear is, I tell you kind stranger it is not heights nor spiders.
It is the millisecond of a moment as you leap from the edge of a swimming pool and your brain prepares itself for the cold water about to pierce your skin.

It’s the feeling in your stomach when you’ve been working up the courage to say something for the passing twenty minutes and as you finally let the words roll off your tongue it now feels so miraculously foreign you’ve forgotten how to project sound.
Its when you turn your bedroom light off and suddenly you are 8 years old; yet your biggest problems are not the monsters below your sheets,

But the ones in the profound crevasses of your mind.

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