It’s the choices we make that connect our constellations, every second of every moment hinging on a point so relevant but unreasonable, like handfuls of stardust and an empty canvas.

I like to imagine all the lives I have lived in another world of a different dimension, like a parallel universe or split reality. I wonder if I would still be me, given that the decisions I’ve made are different than the ones I’ve chosen in this world.

I like to think so. But there’s always that possibility of different events, different serendipitous occasions, leading me to different paths, experiences, and people.

I’ve wandered this thought to the end of imaginations of what I might have been or done in these various lifetimes that would lead me to where I am.

But in all these worlds, stretching across galaxies and space that have been lost in time. My heart breaks a million times over, for all the choices I’ve made.

And I break another million times for all your choices, in your realities of every parallel universe.

2 thoughts on “Amaranthine

  1. Katherine I am proud of all you have accomplished so far and Am so excited for you as I read your writings.
    You are amazing and favored by our Lord Jesus Christ! May he continue to guide you and bless you in all you do!

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